February sees the launch of Tony Ainsworth Design

The re-birth of design company, Tony Ainsworth Design hits the headlines in the New Year. Tony Ainsworth, Director/Designer, has said ‘that after a number years, away from the frontline of marketing and communication, it is time to get back to providing a reliable graphic design service that specialises in communicating clear and concise messages effectively, and drives target audiences towards Clients services and products’. Tony has a clear passion for delivering good and effective design within the constraints of client budgets. He goes on to say, ‘Within todays environment of fast paced communication, we have become used to; messages being delivered and understood within 140 characters, immediate responses required from the ‘social network’, and the ‘new language’ of ‘txt’ shorthand and predictive text. When we look at how graphics and design have responded to this communication speed, it seems to have become seduced by the desire to add superficial and superfluous decoration’. ‘We need to understand business sectors and market forces. We need to know; the primary message the client is trying to communicate, their desired ‘call to action’. We need to get back to form and function, back to clear, hard hitting and immediate message delivery that provokes a true and real response’. The aim of Tony Ainsworth Design is to simplify complex messages, map communication strategies and produce cost effective design that will ensure businesses remain competitive within their current and future market sectors. Tony Ainsworth Design believe in utilising whatever media is required for the success of their Clients. ‘For Tony Ainsworth Design, effective and efficient communication through strategic design is paramount, be it the smallest piece of art production, a grand scale and far reaching branding exercise or anything in between’.