TADesign pride themselves in Educations top design scheme for Weare Academy First School

2016 saw another successful year for Tony Ainsworth Design working with existing clients and winning new ones.

tony ainsworth design

One such client is Weare Academy First School. Tony Ainsworth explains. “We were very pleased and excited to win this client based on our past work with East Brent Church of England First School, our design scheme and fee proposal. The work we produced has been very successful for expanding awareness of the School, it’s ethos, values and aims, resources and facilities locally as well as within the wider community.” Tony continues “We are currently about to start the next phase in the Integrated Communication scheme (iComms™) which distils the main messages of the brochure to a more cost effective mass marketing tool”.

TADesign developed 3 different design proposals, each creating a Unique Visual Language (UVL™) to coordinate and consolidate all communications for Weare Academy School. The chosen scheme was then implemented to integrate communication with the various target audiences at different levels, taking into consideration, speed of delivery, tone of voice and volume required to effectively market the School.

Denise Mawdsley, Head teacher at Weare Academy says “A personal and ‘hands-on’ approach is what we needed and TADesign provided that! Tony worked closely with the School team acting as a catalyst to provoke creativity and thought. We now have a unique set of visual tools to unify our communications and messages giving Weare Academy School a clear advantage over other Schools in the area.”

This link takes you directly to the Design Scheme.

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