Tony Ainsworth Design lifting client profile in the Social Health and Care sector!

Over the past 8 years we have gained specialist knowledge through working directly with adults with learning disabilities. The ever-changing arena of Social Health and Care requires experience and understanding of the developing policies set out by the CQC and changing principals required to meet them within service providers.

Orchard Vale Trust has opened four residential homes during our 27-year history, and today they also offer a small number of day care opportunities at Wookey. All their homes and services exist to help people with learning difficulties live as independently and happily as possible.

The Trust believes all individuals, whether or not they have a disability, have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Above all, OVT believe they should be in control of their own lives as much as they can be. That means being able to make choices, undertake activities that are meaningful and fulfilling, and participate fully in their local communities.

Even though each of their homes is different, all of them are built on these values.


Tony Ainsworth Design (TADesign) have been working closely with Orchard Vale Trust to develope a Unique Visual Language (UVL) and Integrated Communicatons Plan (iComms).

Marketing Orchard Vale Trust has become essential to aiding the generation of long term profitability. Recently, it has become even more important as clients express their independence in how they would like to spend their money on their care and support, well being and social time.

We have proved with our work with the Trust that the correct approach does not need to be difficult or expensive. TADesign have helped the Trust to develope, create and adopt a few simple formats and strategies concentrating on simplifying complex messages, creating and consolidating the Trust’s brand by developing a UVL and starting a iComms package enabling them to communicate with prospective clients, helping to build lasting relationships with local communities, stakeholders and healthcare professionals, whilst enabling OVT to identify and differentiate their services within the marketplace.

If you would like to experience how TADesign can work with you, your team and your service contact Tony Ainsworth on 07854454408 or drop an email to


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