How your competition in Social and Health Care are raising their profile!

2018 is underway and Tony Ainsworth Design have been busy working closely with friends at Orchard Vale Trust to develop their UVL© (Unique Visual Language) and implementing their iComms© (Integrated Communications).

‘We have now completed phase 1 of OVT’s iComms© and rolled out a selection of printed material, phase 2 consists of digital media including a CMS (Client Management System) website and integrating various social and business media such as Facebook and Linkedin’ explains Tony Ainsworth, Director.

The initial design stage included research and development which, working closely with Orchard Vale Trust, formed the parameters of the brief. Investigation of ideas allowed for the development of design concepts to create and launch their visual language to communicate to their various market sectors, in other words their UVL©. Below are the initial design concepts presented to demonstrate positive and effective communication solutions.

Concept 1 – Speak for ourselves… based around the idea of ‘meaningful’ quotes from residents and day care clients ‘speaking for themselves’ real people with real lives, issues and situations.

Concept 2 – Passionate about people… is based on a series of reportage photographs in a montage layout. Horizontal banding of pictures, colours and texture allow for different types of information to be communicated.

Concept 3 – Pictures speak louder… is all about using lots of photographs peppered throughout the designs. Contrasting fonts add interest to the typography and minimal text.

Concept 4 – Extra-ordinary lives… tells a visual story of the life of clients through the use of photo and illustrative montage. Lively organic text blends and contrasts to shout messages.

From these concepts, the OVT UVL© was developed in a consistent and coherent way to market themselves.

Tony Ainsworth goes on to explain ‘The whole point of creating a Unique Visual Language (UVL©) for an organisation is to give that organisation a palette of visual elements that are PERSONAL to them. A language that can be used to communicate ‘what they are about, their essence’, it expresses their vision and values, future aims and goals. It allows them to communicate at different levels, at the right volume, with the right tone of voice and in the right way. It forms a concise and coherent branding that unifies disparate elements.

Once the UVL© is delivered. Tony Ainsworth Design work hand in hand with their Clients to find the most cost effective and responsive way to effectively raise the Clients profile. Tony clarifies, ‘In the case of Orchard Vale Trust we discussed with them printed collateral, press advertising and developing their digital coverage, this now forms the basis for their iComms© (Integrated Communications)’.

‘Integrating communications means that every touch point is visually strong and powerful working its hardest to raise awareness. Seen together, you might think the material is visually too similar, but you have to remember that the target audience is bombarded daily with material, most of which is disparate, from all sorts of organisations that are potential competitors. It is therefore even more important that all material is identified as coming from the same source, communicating the same vision, values, aims and goals in a concise and coherent manner’.

If you can see the potential of the working practice of Tony Ainsworth Design benefiting your organisation they would very much appreciate the opportunity of discussing how they could work with you to develop your very own Unique Visual Language (UVL©) and how they could help you Integrate Communications (iComms©) to effectively and efficiently raise your profile, attract and convert your target audiences.

Email: tony.tadesign@gmail or call 078 544 544 08 for further information or a chat to move things forward.

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