Approved Air

Approved AIr

Tony Ainsworth Designs were asked by Approved Air, a ‘start-up’ company, to come up with something that helps explains ‘what we do’, ‘makes us stands out in our field’ yet ‘helps us fit within the environments that we work’. The solution is a visual language palette consisting of a number of elements; corporate mark (symbol), signature (logotype), textures, colours and typestyle, that work simply together to form a strong and unique visual image to its various touch-points.

The visual palette consists of the mark, a texured pattern, colour palette and typographic style. The mark has been designed in such a way that it is enclosed within a lozenge and so eases implementation. It manifests itself in two ways, as above, or as the symbol only, made up of a ‘lowercase a’ with two arrows indicating air-flow in and out and enclosed in a square. The textured background on which the logotype sits features a criss-cross of air-flow lines. The colour palette is sympathetic to those of the medical industry as this is the main area of opperation for Approved Air and features on team uniforms when working on site.


At Tony Ainsworth Design our roots of knowledge and experience are in Corporate Branding and Identity. In our opinion Branding is not simply limited to a specific mark or name. Branding invariably incorporates multiple touch-points. These touch-points include; the personality of the company or organisation, its services and products as well as the visual persona and presence designed for that company. Infact, any means by which the target audience comes into contact with that Brand constitutes a touch-point that can affect perception, attitudes, awareness, acceptance, market positioning and ultimately sales. Our strategy is to design a visual manifestation of an organisation, product or service, promote its unique and positive characteristics and communicate their prime messages to their target audiences with a specific language and visual palette.


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