We were asked to create a corporate styling that could be applied across the board in all areas of information literature and promotion of services for Bueau Vertias (BVQi). Working closely with the client, it soon became evident that this project was much further reaching than first exspected. After discussions it was established and agreed that Senior Managers and the Sector Staff had different views on how and what should be communicated. We had to establish the core values of the company and design a vechile to communicate these ‘values’ messages.

‘It would have been easy to produce some ‘pretty’ graphics, a corporate brochure and some leaflets, but in time these would have become as obsolete as there current material because the PROBLEM had not been resolved’ explains Tony Ainsworth, Designer Director.

As design consultant we chose to establish the prime values and messages. Firstly, we had to talk to as many people as possible, we orchestrating brainstorming workshops and invited the main takeholders and decision makers to attend and take part. Through these brainstorming sessions we enabled and empowered, which in turn allowed us to developed a set of words and images. These formed the basis of our design scheme, along side this, we wanted information to be accessible at different levels, within different time frames and at different tones of voice. We devised a grid system which alowed specific areas to do this. A subject related and dynamic image was used to grab the audiences attention and different stories could be told across a double page, advert, screen or any medium.

At Tony Ainsworth Design our roots of knowledge and experience are in Corporate Branding and Identity. In our opinion Branding is not simply limited to a specific mark or name. Branding invariably incorporates multiple touch-points. These touch-points include; the personality of the company or organisation, its services and products as well as the visual persona and presence designed for that company. Infact, any means by which the target audience comes into contact with that Brand constitutes a touch-point that can affect perception, attitudes, awareness, acceptance, market positioning and ultimately sales. Our strategy is to design a visual manifestation of an organisation, product or service, promote its unique and positive characteristics and communicate their prime messages to their target audiences with a specific language and visual palette.


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