East Brent First School

East Brent School
East Brent School roughs
THE BRIEF AND THE SOLUTION: East Brent Church of England First School
Like many smaller village schools East Brent have been facing recent falling numbers and therefore reduced funding. In order to retain class size, teaching staff and to stop amalgamation with another local school the Head asked Tony Ainsworth Design to help with developing a marketing plan to present to Stakeholders to get agreement to save the School from these measures.

We were asked to produce and provide a flexible and easy to manage suite of material that could be drawn upon and used for different occasions and to fulfill differing marketing needs as plans developed. In the design and production of their Prospectus we were able to develop the school brand, provide a full set of photographs, website design and set of values that all outreach could be hung off.

To help everyone involved have a clear understanding of the vision we created, we sketched out all elements of the scheme before incurring costs.

The final styling and design has been used to create a prospectus, brochure, display material, website and leaflets that all communicate a clear, concise and coherent message.

The results are a success, outreach marketing has been approached with confidence, staff morale has been lifted, pupil involvement has increased pride, parents have been enabled to develop a ‘feel good factor’ opting to get more involved in the School and public perception and awareness of the school has been lifted.

Knowing how to market your school or college is a vital link between you and your parents, your pupils and students, stakeholders, governors and the general public. It is one of the essential elements that will help your school or college flourish.

At Tony Ainsworth Design we work with you to understand your needs, your target audiences and the things that set you apart. We will apply our expertise and experience to assist you to communicate your unique selling points and so help make you a success, raise staff morale and make a positive contribution and difference to the inherent school/college culture.

We understand that Education budgets can be tight but you don’t need to spend vast amounts of money to produce effective marketing and sales material that defines your school/college brand and enables you to stand out from the crowd and make you the preferred choice.

We offer you everything that you need to promote your school/college; be it a full prospective or website or just a simple exhibition or leaflet, Tony Ainsworth Design have the experience to deliver initial ideas through to production.


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