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Marketing your business for the future is essential to generate long term profitability and has recently become even more important as clients express their independence in how they would like to spend their money on their care and support, well being and social time.  The correct approach does not need to be difficult or expensive if you adopt a few simple formats and strategies. Consolidating your brand and what it means is a crucial part of positioning your care home and services making sure the relevant people hear your message in a way which is relevant to them. We can work with care home operators to build a strong brand and to generate a dialogue between the home and its local markets.

Tony Ainsworth Design has extensive experience and knowledge of working in the Care Sector. For the past five years we have gained understanding and experienced changes in the care standards brought about by the CQC. We will utilise this knowledge to assist you to market your care home and its services, enabling you to communicate with prospective clients, helping to build a lasting relationship with local communities, stakeholders and healthcare professionals, whilst enabling you to identify and differentiate your services within the marketplace.

ainsworth design orchard vale trust
THE BRIEF AND THE SOLUTION: Orchard Vale Trust Somerset.
Working with Orchard Vale Trust we were asked to review and design a logo for their 25th Anniversary. It was clear, from the off set that there were strong and important historic feelings concerning the old logo. A lot of goodwill attached to the imagery was considered to be influencing the families of residents, the staff, the local community and from staff local services and facilities.

ainsworth design orchard vale trustWe chose a developmental approach to the design which worked well. We retained the apple tree but in order to bring it up to date we contained it within a glass badge with the trusts name set within the surrounding band. There was little control on usage after the stationery and select pieces of marketing material were produced so the badge effect helped to implement the logo consistently without too much difficulty.