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PROPERTY MARKETING… In our experience.
If your marketing is to do its job properly it needs to embrace the way your prospective customers think and interact with their world. Knowing what drives, excites and influences them, enables us build tailored campaigns using the best combination of marketing methods. This means your solution is totally unique and created solely to achieve the objectives you set. Tony Ainsworth Design has extensive experience in all aspects of property marketing, including brochures, websites, advertising, display material and site signage.

ainsworth design wimpeyTHE BRIEF AND THE SOLUTION: EDEN at Holt Park by George Wimpey.

For Tony Ainsworth Design the marketing name ‘Eden’, given to this substancial Wimpey develoment at Holt Park, was a gift in terms of imagery and aspiration. We implemented the red apple in its different guises aggressively and consistently building an identity to tie together the various pieces of marketing material; sales brochure, advertising, site signage, displays and site office.

We work closely with our CGI production house to produce accurate and realistic street scenes and homes to assist in providing the best visualisation for the development.



ainsworth design flower and hayesTHE BRIEF AND THE SOLUTION: EDEN at Chaple Croft at Baltonsborough by Flower and Hayes

Working closely with local sales agent, Paul Knight, we were asked to develop a logo and design style to market these 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes in the country village setting of Boltonsborough in Somerset. Tony Ainsworth Design were responsible for creating all the graphic and photographic content including copy writing, drawing site and floor plans.


ainsworth design millgate homesTHE BRIEF AND THE SOLUTION: Single Property Brochures for Millgate Homes

ainsworth design millgate homes

Sometimes we are asked to create exclusive property brochures for a single home to assist in the selling process. Working with Millgate Homes we were responsible for creating all the graphic and photographic content including re-drawing floor plans for the brochure, commisioning the illustrations and creating a design style.